How to Use Sewing Machine Review Sites to Buy Sewing Machines Online

Here is what you want to read in the customer reviews:


Start by reading the sewing machine reviews and look at the number of customers that have reviewed the sewing machine.  Reviews from lots of customers will be more accurate overall than those from just a few customers.

Read the reviews that are marked as ones that other people found most helpful.  They are usually the sewing machine reviews at the top of the list of customer reviews

Use the five star rating systems as a quick and visual way to see the average customer review ranking which is calculated by adding up all the reviews and dividing by the number of customers who submitted reviews for the sewing machines.

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The best quality sewing machine reviews will be those that give the most detailed information. This information will educate you about the various stitches, presser foot/feet and accessories for each sewing machine and how the customers rated them.

Dates of sewing machine reviews

Study the dates of each review to determine if they are enough to continue to be relevant for this sewing machine today.  Very old reviews are not always applicable to current manufacturer’s models

New & Updated Daily

Read new and fresh sewing machine reviews on a reputable site that updates customer comments on a daily basis.

True & Unbiased

Focus on reports from customers that are actual users/sewers of the sewing machine you are considering buying online, which are naturally unbiased and true, as opposed to the manufacturer’s brand description and reviews which are generally sales oriented.


How much sewing experience does the reviewer have?

Try and match up your own level of sewing experience with the customer review.  If you are a beginner sewer another beginner sewer opinions and experience of the sewing machine are more relevant.  Whereas an advanced sewer may find a beginner sewer views to be lacking in the more complex information they require.


Go to a sewing machine review website that is run by real sewers who have years of knowledge about the various sewing machines and may have owned and sewn on many types and brands of sewing machines over their years of enjoying sewing as a hobby.


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