Jason Conger learned early what it was like to have to fight for a dream. Growing up he struggled under the weight of crushing poverty – and even remembers living out of the back of his father’s truck for a time.

But Jason set his sights high. He realized that integrity, hard work and a good education were the keys to a better life. Jason worked his way from junior college to a state university and eventually through Harvard Law School, all while supporting a growing family. When he and his wife, Amy, found Bend, they knew they had found “home” — a place to build a life and raise their five children.

Jason, 45, was first elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 2010 and is now serving his second term. While in the Legislature, Jason used the same drive that carried him out of poverty to pursue his vision for a stronger Oregon. He pushed tax relief for middle and low income families, championed greater educational opportunities for Oregon children, and helped acquire the necessary funding to move OSU – Cascades toward becoming a four-year university. He also played an instrumental role in the health care reforms in 2012 that will reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients.

From homeless to Harvard and on to the Oregon House, Jason knows what it is like to struggle to put food on the table, and he will stand up for all Oregonians, not just the privileged and well connected. As our United States Senator, Jason will fight for the middle class and for greater opportunities for Oregonians – just like he has in the State Legislature.